Me. In a nutshell.

I’ve never been very good at talking about myself, but I’ll give it a shot.  Hi, my name is Kristen and here are the basics: I’m always trying to find the humour in life, I’m a bit of a control freak (ok, more than a bit), and I seriously can’t get enough of trashy romance novels.  I’m one of those people – I like lists, alphabetical order, and my closet is colour coordinated.

A bit more detail.

I grew up in small town Northern BC where I spent most of my time trying to be a “good student” and the rest of my time skiing or training to ski (what else is there to do up in the frozen interior?).  I’ve always been an avid reader, and loved to write growing up, but somewhere along the line my passion for the written word was overshadowed by the pressure to find a career and be successful.  After completing a BSc in Biology, and a technical diploma in Environmental Technology I’ve spent the last five years working in the gorgeous city of Victoria, BC as an environmental professional.

I live the condo dream with my husband, Jon, and our temperamental but oh-so-cuddly springer spaniel, Tofino.  Jon and I are the classic case of love at first sight (no really, I mean it), and have been together for almost a decade.   For the past six years we’ve struggled with infertility, and have jumped through many flaming hoops in our hopes of building a family (with many more to come).  It’s a daily struggle to overcome the emotional backlash of the baby-making roller coaster, and to ensure that infertility does not define or destroy us.

About this blog.

Reinventing Kristen is the platform of my reinvention – personal and professional.  Here I am, almost 30 years old and successful by most standards.  I’m married and have a challenging career as an environmental professional, living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. But there’s a nagging sensation slowly creeping over me– a sense of dissatisfaction with the direction of my life.  Having hit every milestone that I’ve set out for myself, there’s still something missing.   In my personal and professional life I’m stuck.  Lost in the corporate shuffle, overwhelmed by infertility, and struggling for satisfaction amidst the daily grind – I’m ready for a change – and it’s time for me to find a new path.

Join me as I navigate the challenges of reinvention in the face of the day-to-day grind.


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