Our TTC Story

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We’ve been on the TTC bandwagon for six years, here’s a brief summary:

May 2008 – We got married and decided to let nature takes it course – not trying, but not preventing.

2010 – Fast forward two years and we’re starting to suspect that something might not be amiss.  I did some research and downloaded OvuView to track my cycles, started taking my basal body temperature every morning, and carefully scheduling sex. No dice.

2011 – We finally made the decision to see a doctor and made an appointment with our GP – who ever so helpfully (can you hear my sarcasm?) told us that we were young and there was nothing wrong with us and sent us away to try for another year.

2012 – We return to the GP and request a referral to a fertility specialist.  Our referral takes six months, and so in the mean-time we begin to see a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in fertility.  She introduces us to taking supplements, acupuncture, and OPKs.  My DH has a semen analysis and it’s determined that we have some male factor issues – but still not enough of an issue to result in four years of IF.

2013 – Finally we get in to see our RE and begin the process of testing. After blood tests, ultrasounds, and an HSG test it’s determined that we have no tubal blockages or other obvious issues.  The RE recommends that we try for three more months, and then get back in touch with him. Add another three months to this because my DH has to work away from home for three months that summer so that we can afford treatment.

October 2013 – February 2014 – IUIs #1, #2, #3, #4 all medicated with Clomid, all BFNs (One cancelled round due to an ovarian cyst).

February 2014 – Decision to proceed to IVF. Finally! But not so fast…we have to wait two full cycles to clear the Clomid from my system. I don’t have the patience for this…

April 2014 – We begin the birth control pill and start a long protocol cycle of IVF.

May 2014 –  We started stimming on May 2, starting with Suprefact for 12 days and then Menopur and Suprefact for 12 days.  12 eggs were retrieved, 9 were mature, 5 fertilized with ICSI and we transferred two Day 3 embryos on May 30, 2014.  We got the best news ever on Day 5 when we found out that we also have two embryos frozen.

June 2014 – The beta came early as I wound up with Mild OHSS (nothing mild about it!) but it’s all worth it because we finally got our BFP!!


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